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My second grade teacher liked to ask us,
“How do you feel today, on a scale of one to ten?”
Ten always meant I’m super, thank you
and one was always not today, Mrs. MacAuley, not today.
But I never liked numbers, they would always
twist and rebel against my mind so I chose
to speak in colors instead.

January third - I am the color
of mint chocolate chip ice cream
but I’ve eaten all the chocolate chips.
I am calm.

February seventh - I am a bruise of
blues and violets today. I think it would
be best if I sat by the window.
These are unhappy colors.

April eleventh - I am turquoise, I am magenta,
I am every color in the rainbow.

April thirtieth - I am gray, I am silent.

May first - I am orange, the color of melting
creamsicles on a beach in July.

June twelfth - I am as yellow as the school bus
that will bring me home to summer. I am free.

Twelve years later, I still use colors.
The winter makes me feel cobalt blue, the ocean
turns me a seafoam green. Violets and purples
leave me uneasy and scarlet is a fever of fury.
Some nights I drown in shades of navy, denim,
and cornflower but other nights I meditate in forests of
harlequin and shamrock.

But you,
you leave me a blinding white followed by a soft yellow:
the color of sunlight after a period of darkness.

Kelsey Danielle, “A Diary of Colors” (via meggannn)


sexuality: Natalie Dormer with a weapon

There are not many Latino or African American superheroes. Do you feel a special pressure or do you enjoy…? 


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nicole beharie - tiana


I just had to draw some proper fanart of Pushing Daisies since it is definitely one of my favourite tv shows ever. 

So here have Ned and Chuck also known as the OTP who made me dead inside. 


Realizing You’re Into Your Best Friend 

by Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley

“There is no special love exclusively reserved for romantic partners. Genuine love is the foundation of our engagement with ourselves, with family, with friends, with partners, with everyone we choose to love. While we will necessarily behave differently depending on the nature of a relationship , or have varying degrees of commitment, the values that inform our behavior, when rooted in a love ethic, are always the same for any interaction.”

bell hooks 

All About Love 

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"Lover’s Lane" - Hunx & His Punx


Just wanted to bring this hottie to everyone’s attention.Toshiro Mifune, widely considered as one of the best Japanese actors of his generation, and for some the best actor of the 20th century, is most famous in the West for his 16 film collaboration with the legendary director Akira Kurosawa between 1948 and 1965, including iconic films such as Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, and Throne of Blood. He was also a fine piece of ass, and sports a very dashing and well-cultivated beard in many of his films.