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Along with a slew of babe-ly life-ruining people whose faces/person I adore.

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Amy Poehler is my hero.

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The title of the work is identical to a series of photographs by Huseyin shot in Odessa, showing curtains blowing in the wind. These images inspired an installation of hardened lace curtains, frozen in time and space. The work refers to the gesture of opening the windows to set free the soul of the deceased, as well as the idea of a spirit present in a room, mysteriously lifting the curtains to reveal its presence.

Gabriel Lester,Melancholia in Arcadia (2011)

All rights are reserved. Photography by Peter Cox. 
Rabo Art Collection


Enver Gjokaj tweets about Agent Carter (x)






what if obama does the ice bucket challenge and nominates queen elizabeth

what if obama actually talks about what’s going on in ferguson

what if obama stopped exterminating the middle eastern population with drones

what if obama lowered my gotdamn tuition

What if everyone gets educated and stops acting like the President can make decisions for the country by himself


You’re learning well.

Korra Week / Day 6: Wisdom

“I think we should have more sexual education. Can you imagine if we didn’t have driver’s ed and people drove cars like they saw in the movies? Porn is adult entertainment, not education.”
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Paul Scheer: Watching anyone eat hot dogs? Not fun.
Jason Mantzoukas: WRONG. I could come up with a list of ten people that I would fucking pay upwards of a thousand dollars to watch eat a hot dog. Hillary Clinton is on that list...
PS: I'm fascinated because you were legitimately serious that you were turned on by Hillary Clinton eating a hot dog.
JM: Yeah yeah yeah. I would watch that. Especially if I got to cook the hot dog. I don't want it to be, like, a Nathan's that she and I just go and buy together then I watch her eat it in the store, I want her to, like, sit in my backyard and eat a hot dog with me.

Ralph Lauren RTW Fall 2012.

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I found this scene to be adorably sad and sweet at the same time